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"Meditations Beside A Vernal Pool"

Virginia M Williams

By emphasizing the dual roles of nature and the Bible in giving witness to God and His participation in the lives of His Creation, especially that of mankind, the highest form of His Creation.

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Book review by Michael Radon

"The Bible is like binoculars for life. Knowing it enables us to see details and make sense of the blurry whir of life around us."

This collection of internal reflections and life lessons combines two of the author’s favorite activities, birdwatching and Bible study, and shows common threads and lessons between the two that might not seem obvious at first. From her position working in the library of a Bible college, the author watches the birds gathering and collecting necessary resources for their survival and ruminates on them as she ponders the tribulations of life and the nourishment of faith. Different seasons lead to changes in the environment and different types of birds to observe, just as different seasons of life call for different lessons from scripture. Whether one is dealing with loss or personal struggles or rejoicing in blessings and good fortune, there is something here to provide wisdom and observation on all occasions through an appreciation of both God’s Word and his creation.

It is not necessary for readers to come into this book with a particular background in either Christianity or ornithology, as there is more than enough real-world application and analysis by the author to tie these worlds together. Chapters are succinct and focused, giving the audience something that they can quickly consume and then make time to digest either throughout the day or during whatever activity has afforded them time to think. While there’s one primary book that readers may turn to for more spiritual inspiration, the author does include references to some of her favorite birdwatching books to help those who may want to try the hobby. Much of this book is a reminder to stop and appreciate small, simple joys, and whatever the reader’s passion may be, the lessons on these pages will serve as the ideal accompaniment.



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5.0 out of 5 stars Definitely "add to cart" and more than once!

Reviewed in the United States on March 17, 2021

In a world that is continually demanding more and more of us, this book is a life-giving breath of fresh air. The author invites the reader to eavesdrop on her thoughts as she daily escapes the busy-ness to sit near a natural marsh just outside her office in northern California. Virginia's understanding of various bird species is an added bonus for the reader. From her tiny little space in the corner of the world, she manages to gently and masterfully reconnect our tired spirits to the renewing majesty and mystery of God's creation, His purpose for our lives, and His deep, deep love for us. Her delicate spirit delivers a powerful message of hope and transformation. On finishing the book, I couldn't resist the urge to pick it back up and read it a second time (...and buy additional copies for my friends.)

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v williams with raven, 08272023 - Bryant

Since early days as a youth at camp, Virginia Reynolds Williams has enjoyed observing and writing about nature. But it wasn't until college that she began noticing the tree decorations that danced around and sang to her.

With a job as a librarian that technology is taking over and changing from the way she was originally trained to do things, escaping into nature has become a welcome relief. The birds don't need to be taken care of like books; they are waterproof and can take care of themselves.

Virginia lives in Redding, California, with her husband and works as librarian at Shasta Bible College and Graduate School, which is right beside the vernal pool about which she writes.

Virginia Reynolds Williams

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